First Draft: Chapter 1 Done

by  Charlotte Lenox

Scrivener IconSo, now that I have some content in Scrivener (most of my first stupid draft of Raining Pearls is handwritten and thus needs to be transferred via Dragon Naturally Speaking), I have had something to play with on the computer. Finally. And I have to say, the writing is coming quite a bit more smoothly than when I was handwriting, and I have just polished off Chapter 1 of Raining Pearls‘ first draft. It really is a nice feeling, being able to tinker with these scenes and add details here and there as I progress, without having to rewrite the entire scene. This was a terrible pitfall of the handwritten draft, and was primarily responsible for me getting nowhere.

I have to say, I do really love Scrivener’s flexibility for organizing folders and documents. I can essentially work on one scene file at a time, or if I am revising a scene, have both files open side by side in the same window. This way, I can force myself to look at my draft in bite-size chunks, instead of looking at the whole thing and feeling intimidated. Or worse, lugging around the 20lb weight of my binder and generally hating my life.

Scrivener is quickly becoming a repository for all of my notes, as well. As I have scene ideas, I can drop them in my notes file. I have also loaded all of my appendices for my own reference, or for anyone’s reference if I choose to compile them with the final draft. I have to say, my Scrivener workspace is a heck of a lot neater than my desk or my splatter of loosely-organized files on my flash drive.

In case you’re interested, today’s featured image is of Juneau’s Mendenhall Glacier. Why choose that? Well, I have reasons for all of the images I have chosen in each post, and in this case, I chose it because Chapter 1 of Raining Pearls takes place in Juneau (not to mention the fact that it is my hometown). The role Juneau plays is minor, but it does set the stage for a starship captain’s transformation from his old life into a new one. Things are about to heat up for him in Chapter 2. Yes, I’m being vague, but then you’re not really interested anyway, right?

I’m just happy I’m able to make some slow progress on this novel, which has sat gathering dust for many weeks. Much of the reason for that was stress, but now I’m finding it at least somewhat helpful to write about a life that is worse than my own at the moment.


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