First Draft: Chapter 3 Done

by  Charlotte Lenox

Copyright by phatman on Flickr

Copyright by phatman on Flickr

Moving right along. It really is, right now, a couple of hundred words at a time. I’m still working through the portions of the draft I’ve already written, revising and reorganizing as I add it all into Scrivener. Mostly to make sure all of the scenes I moved and shoved here and there in the written draft match up in some comprehensible way. Also, revising as I go (it’s so much easier on the computer) means I can at least be marginally satisfied I have decent material to work with, and that should help me continue to move forward instead of constantly looking backward and agonizing over the crap of a shitty first draft sitting on my flash drive (I know this is crude terminology, but thank Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird for this one. I just happen to think it’s totally appropriate).

Anyhow, chapter 3 was rather short with only two rough scenes, but it still totals about 3000-3400 words. All three chapters combines, I have about 11,000 words in this novel with many more to come as I go through my handwritten draft. I’m expecting to add another 20K-25K words from that alone, making me roughly a third of the way through this first draft. I have a nasty feeling, though, that large sections are going to get cut as I dump characters, but who knows–perhaps I will make equal gains by expanding sections for other characters. I’m trying not to be too focused on page or word counts, as I want to focus on telling the story in its entirety instead however long that takes. Hopefully longer rather than shorter, as I always did like delving deeply into stories I enjoyed. Of course, I’m assuming other people will someday enjoy this monstrosity….

As for the images in this post, I chose stormy/lightning pictures to represent the two scenes in chapter 3, which involve the investigation of an “el-station,” or electric generation station that catches and stores lightning in massive batteries, which are then used to power cities. The stations were place on a coastline ravaged by constant thunderstorms, and the Isterians have somehow figured out how to build a battery that can safely store all of those gigawatts of power… electricity is their primary source of energy, after all, since the gods neglected to create their world with stores of fossil fuels.

Anyhow, poor, poor Edmand Moury. Got a little more than he bargained for when he went to investigate the possible sabotage of one of these el-stations…

I will point out that it is really, really difficult keeping myself focused on this novel and maintaining my trust in my ability to write anything of worth. I know that comparing my work to someone else’s is bad, bad, triply bad, but it’s almost impossible not to at times, and the outcomes are never pleasing. I think I’m always going to feel inadequate.

Well, moving on.


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